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So there it is.  8 years old wearing my first tuxedo on the way to my first wedding.  Who knew that thirty years later I would end up being the Wedding Singer!  But, one thing we do know, is that even at 8 years old I had the
crowd cheering after an impromptu performance at my aunt's reception and I've had the guests cheering ever since.

Today, my live performances at Wedding receptions add that little extra that help make your wedding reception extraordinary, especially when my friends, Neil Diamond, Tom Jones or Elvis Presley make an appearance.

Along with the live performances, my trademark "no barriers" DJ set up style provides an open and approachable relationship between myself and your guests making them feel comfortable and a part of the excitement. Not only do I bring the right music for your event, I also create a dance atmosphere with special FX and lighting and I bring a high quality JBL Sound System.

After countless Weddings, Parties and Events, I've come to realize it's the spontaneous interaction with the guests and the unplanned occurrences that happen throughout an evening that make each special occasion unique. With what I bring to the party Kodak will never go broke!

Even from the moment your guests arrive and see my custom pink van they are overcome with a sense that there is something unusual is in store for them that evening!